BLiP Bloink
  Version 1.3 is now on the App Store! Click on the App Store links on this page to get the latest versions of BLiP Bloink Lite and BLiP Bloink. As featured on NBC! Connect the Bloinks to keep them from going too high! If you enjoy games like Tetris, this game is for you.

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Version 1.3 Features:

  • Simple, fast gameplay.
  • Three levels of difficulty: Easy, Medium and Hard.
  • Earn three Trophies across thirty levels of play.
  • Nine unique game environments.
  • Original music sound track featuring four songs.
  • Share High Scores with friends with the “Brag” function!
  • Optionally, continue to play iPod music in the background during gameplay.

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About Us:

We are dedicated to making games worth your time. We have been working in the independent game developer scene since the late 1990s. Our work at Brain Block Interactive includes making shareware classics such as Logication, Arcade Mah Jongg, Super Bubbles and Bloink. From our Chicago-based game studio, we look forward to bringing these great games and exciting new creations to every game system you own! Please rate and review our games in the App Store and send your friends our way if you like what we've worked to create. Simeon Peebler, our lead developer, is a game development educator at Flashpoint Academy in Chicago.

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